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16:9 wide-screen Dell 1545 dual-core T6400

06/06/2009 23:19


     Dell laptop has been a good value for money and win a lot of consumers. The use of today's notebook T6400 dual-core and HD 4300 with significant independence, but also provides a very rich interface, the friends who are interested may wish to look at.

     Dell 1545 (S510527CN) used notebook with 15.6 inches widescreen LCD Truelife technology to provide the standard 1366 * 768 resolution; screen above a 1.3 million pixel built-in camera and array microphone, a user-friendly video communication; machine weight of 2.64kg, the notebook in the 15-inch which is very "light."

     Configuration, the Dell 1545 (Dell Inspiron 1000 Battery) notebook Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor, Intel PM45 chipset motherboard, Intel 5100AGN wireless card, Bluetooth module; standard 2GB dual-channel memory, 250GB hard drive, SATA DVD burner 12.7 inches CD-ROM; with 256MB of independent video memory ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics card; pre-installed Windows Vista SP1 Home Basic operating system.



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