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16:9 widescreen Gateway aesthetic appearance of dual-core notebook

13/06/2009 11:42


     Popularity good 14-inch dual-core notebook Gateway NV4406c relatively low-end positioning, the use of a dual-core T4200 processor and integrated graphics with, at the same time with a 16:9 widescreen, friends who are interested can find plenty of examples.

Nx7000 Series Battery the roof membrane using transfer printing technology, at the same time a similar diamond-shaped design of Takifugu, so it is not only great fashion books, and more than a lot of luxury; interior areas dominated by black and joined the metal border and the cylindrical shaft, more grade; configuration of the LED display 14 inches, using a popular show that the proportion of 1366 * 768, so that annoying black edges vanish; in order to facilitate communication between the user's video screen built above a network camera.

Configuration, the aircraft using a 45 nanometer process Pentium T4200 dual-core processor, Penryn core architecture, 2.0GHz frequency, in order to provide good motivation machine support; standard 2GB memory, 250GB hard drive and DVD burner; Performance Comparison of a good integrated Intel GMA X4500 graphics card, providing more than 1 card reader, HDMI interface, such as high-definition, pre-installed Linux operating system.



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