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360MT Dell notebook

15/05/2009 13:59


Dell's reputation at present can be said to be widely known, and Dell's business machine configuration for its balance, the appearance of fine calm personality won favorite business users, DELL has just launched a commercial desktop OptiPlex360DT, its excellent cost-effective has been the concern of many consumers. It is reported that this product price again, to 3300 yuan is currently for sale, and services to greatly improved, and interested friends can look at.


DELLOptiPlex360DT steady business style using the design of a fiber chassis design small, simple person, a relatively small space, and black with silver side panels of the baffle design is quite stable, in line with the steady business style.


Dell Optiplex360MT hardware configuration to meet the current mainstream standards, the use of Intel Core Duo E5200 processor (frequency 2.5GHz), 1GBDDR2667 memory, 160GBSATA hard drive, DVD burner, configuration of the MT large box; display, with 19 -inch widescreen LCD, integrated graphics card and 100M, growing businesses can provide the required network capacity, for business use of aircraft is fundamental to the performance of such guarantee.


Comments: This DELLOptiPlex360DT located in small and medium-sized commercial business users, configuration and more economical and practical, small and medium-sized business level sufficient to meet the users needs at the same time, the small chassis design also greatly reduces the space, more concise. With its 19-inch widescreen LCD display also facilitates the processing of user documentation requirements. The price is also very popular in the majority of the popular business, start-up cause for some people to build a natural platform.





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