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Acer 14-inch LED screen notebook cheap AMD Game

23/05/2009 16:30
Acer's brand, whether Business Club TM Entertainment New AS Series has held up quite well, won the students to friends of all ages. Faced with the current mainstream notebooks are the configuration parameters are used to upgrade the core and 45nm gold ratio of 16:9 widescreen, AMD has finally issued the corresponding response. Acer recently introduced Value 4535-721G25Mn notebook prices again, For the 3999 yuan arrived in Italy, it is more beautiful than before, compared, and the LED screen into the making of the video and audio in the entertainment machine has excellent performance, cause for concern.
Appearance, the new Acer 4535-721G25Mn used piano gloss paint process "Sapphire" design style, aluminum-magnesium alloy part material, dark gray design, the keyboard with the same colors as part of, the keyboard with the characteristics of the chocolate keyboard, highlight the key bit, and the location of multimedia shortcut keys are also redesigned. 14-inch LED backlit screen, showing very good results, the resolution of 16:9 and better specifications to meet the high-definition audio and video video game scene in time.

Allocation, this 4535-721G25Mn Acer recent hardware is different from the mainstream, using the AMD Athlon X2 QL-64 dual-core processor with 2.1GHz frequency and 1MB secondary cache, with AMD M780G + SB700 chipset group, implantation of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 set a significant and timely standard in the 2G memory 250G hard drive, the screen is a 16:9 widescreen Lai mirror to ensure that the bright and sharp than to restore clarity. At the same time, not lose sight of that subsection 4535 interior features, built-in DVD burner drive, wireless, high-definition cameras and 11, such as HDMI interface and taste. For cost considerations, the book is still non-mainstream system. Aspire 4736Zg keyboard with the same characteristics similar to the chocolate Sony notebook keyboard, key places highlighted, and the location of multimedia shortcut keys are also re-design, audio-visual course, also appreciate the good performance.



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