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Acer is recalling five models keep hidden parts laptop overheating problem

13/10/2009 17:43

As a consequence, deformation of parts there is the risk of overheating, Acer um08b71 battery announced the recall of some models of notebook computers. China is also within the scope of the recall. As some of the models sold in the mainland is not small, so the recall for Acer, after-sales service is second test.

It is reported that Acer notebooks to recall the affected models AspireAS3410, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ and AS3810TZG, the manufacture date of September 15, 2009. Acer's side said that flaws in a notebook left by the pressure drag, it might result in the microphone cable overheating, resulting in deformation of the machine casing, as well as disable the microphone.

Acer relevant Chinese official said China will take the initiative to contact the relevant replacement parts to consumers. Squ-202 battery has repeatedly stressed that the column is not published models of notebook computers will not be a problem.

There are currently users indicated that they had received Acer's after-sales personnel, telephone, but the Acer notebook sale side said that the recall could not immediately repair the same day is good, at least more than 3 working days.

As the Acer did not say how much the recall could involve risks in the end notebooks, but according to Acer dealer said that the 3810 series of sales of a minority, so the recall after-sales service in the Mainland for the Acer system is a test.



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