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HP's ultra-thin notebook white Yukon

06/07/2009 12:56

     Limited edition HP Pavilion Dv2-1006AX, with the next-generation AMD "Yukon" ultra-thin mobile platform, and is equipped with AMD "Yukon" ultra-thin mobile platform, the thickness of only 2.4cm, on the basis of high performance with unprecedented portable , and the fuselage has the thickest Department less than one-dollar coins diameter size, thin and light should be affirmed, but also the mass of the standard large-capacity hard drive 320G.

     Appearance, the new limited edition ultra-portable HP Pavilion Dv2-1006AX looks more like a small version of the MacBook Air, the full fine machine work, using a sleek design,Business Notebook nc4000-dg245a Battery superstructure although engineering plastics material used, but the A side inlay shows a special coating, not only to ensure the safety of the superstructure, but also make it in the wear resistance has been greatly improved, and the realization of user-friendly easy to open with one hand operation, stylish machine is very simple.

     Allocation, which Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Dv2-1006AX break the conventional, through the introduction of AMD "Yukon" ultra-thin notebook platform, AMD Neo platform used, 1.6GHz frequency of the Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, the highest support 4GB of memory, afforestation into the ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410 graphics card, 2G standard memory, 320G hard disk mass (a black version of the standard general 250G hard drive), using 12.1-inch screen, external optical drive with an external Blu-ray, Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed to operate the mainstream system.

     12-inch screen black crystal boundless black screen, which generally applies to high-end models designed for this computer prices more temptation economy. Another screen is characterized by commendable features WXGA anti-zoned, BUSINESS NOTEBOOK NC4000 SERIES Battery is designated day-to-day efforts of the screen it is very difficult injury. The top of the screen is a built-in high-definition camera, so that the exchange of video anytime and anywhere possible.

Interface, the HP Pavilion Dv2-1006AX have three USB 2.0 interface, including the ease of high-definition video transmission and broadcast HDMI interface, one-one card reader interface, a RJ45 interface, a VGA port, microphone / headset interface and a security approach. And networks to support the 802.11n wireless LAN, as well as ,10-100M Bluetooth module, 12-inch so skillfully in this very rich data connectivity conditions.



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