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Hyper-personalization wave of people Notebook

24/08/2009 19:25

15-100360301 battery is a very good product design, mold has followed since its product before the old product. However, in appearance showing respect, it differs from the current market, the widespread transfer of membrane technology products, instead of using silver, white and light blue mash out of a beautiful appearance of the product, the screen part of the tread cap is also very dynamic and elegant, circle, ink spots, lines together, so that ASUS F6K84V-SL screen cap looks like a modernist watercolor works.

Configuration, the ASUS notebook F6K84V-SL perfume Intel Core 2 P8400 with processors, operating frequency of 2.26GHz, 2 level cache is 3MB, FSB 1066MHz, using the core Penryn 45nm process, TDP of only 25W, excellent performance, power consumption low. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470 graphics, graphics memory 256MB, to meet the general application of 3D games, for various types of high-definition video playback.

Asus 70-n651b1001 Battery comes standard with 1GB memory and 250GB hard drive, to meet the general needs of the user. Machine also provides a 802.11N wireless card, Bluetooth, camera, fingerprint identification systems, DVD recorders and other equipment. A 13.3-inch WXGA LCD screen, display crisp and clear.
According to ASUS, said, F6 Summer Party Series notebook computers in the production of the machine when the shell by adding a special process, so that fragrance molecules into the machine enclosure. With the laptop running, will gradually release the fragrance molecule. The laptop can see very special for fashion buyers.



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