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MSI laptops, Windows 7 new models available

26/10/2009 16:33

A world-class IT manufacturing giant MSI MSI technology to consumer demand as the center,Msi Bty-s11 battery is committed to providing the finest quality, most technologically innovative products. In response to the latest generation of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 7 officially listed, MSI Micro-Star pre-loaded Windows 7 pre-empt the launch of the new G series gaming notebook models GT640 and GT740, and the adoption of the new Intel Core i7 quad-core processors, hardware and software fully evolution, so that consumers immediately feel the powerful new operating system features, efficiency, as well as the dazzling, easy to use interface.

     MSI Micro-Star pre-empt the launch of Windows 7 pre-loaded all-new models GT740, a comprehensive hardware and software evolution, so that consumers in the first time to fully feel the cool charm of the operating system Windows 7

     Not only the first to launch a pre-equipped with the latest generation operating system, GT740, GT640, as well as the Classic series of models CR610 addition, MSI Micro-Star International has allowed consumers to prepare a full range of notebook computers have been as many as 78 models by Microsoft WHQL ( Windows Hardware Quality Labs) testing,Bty-s12 battery was awarded the Windows 7 X86 and X64 compatibility certification, ensuring 100% stability and support, so that consumers feel at ease to upgrade the whole new generation of Microsoft's operating system work more efficiently, more exciting entertainment.

     MSI Micro-Star International certified by Microsoft WHQL Windows 7 notebook PCs, which contains many of today's most fiery notebook products, such as the fuselage has an extremely thin and ultra-perfect curve of plume-arc design of X-Slim series, as well as the US-based Crystal Yang The Wind12 U Series 12-inch models, through ultra-thin energy-saving hardware platform architecture, with the new Windows 7 user interface, providing a new look both inside and outside the fashion experience; with MSI Classic Series Classic models in order to complete I / O ports and the hardware is equipped with high efficiency is the most cost-effective of the People First notebook, allowing you to relax and be able to fully experience the charm of Windows 7's cool.

     MSI Micro-Star International also supports Microsoft's Windows 7 to upgrade program, and the official web site is specially set up Windows 7 zone, helping users to Vista operating system upgrade.



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