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Show noble qualities! ASUS EPC S101

19/05/2009 19:42

Has been the popularity of the current NETBOOK from numerous ASUS brand and follow the trend started, and in the ASPIRE ONE, WIND shining star, such as the 1000H under the ASUS has appeared old and lost its luster, as leaders, ASUS once again launched EPC S101, not only in weight and performance are very good, but the appearance is more significant breakthroughs, and even can be called the history of the most beautiful quality of the most NETBOOK (Unfortunately, not Apple NETBOOK), plus 150 yuan is a 16G SD card Zhang.

ASUS Eee PC S101 and N10 (quotations library evaluation parameters) the two series are LED backlit 10.2-inch TFT LCD screen, resolution WSVGA 1024 × 600, of course, using the same Intel Atom processor. The Eee PC S101 luxury sale now, 0.99kg weight NETBOOK really shows the essence of luxury distinguished designs such as completely different to all the toy-like NETBOOK.



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