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Sony Ericsson released 4.0 version of the theme creator

14/05/2009 15:01

Easy-to-use tools to open up the creation of Sony Ericsson mobile phone personalization experience new opportunities

(May 6, 2009, Sweden Rand) Sony Ericsson today announced the creation of the latest version of the theme, and this is the company's developers and partners to adopt a new strategy as part of the principle.

This version of the theme to create a more intuitive device to use, has long been popular as a mobile user interface design tools, the goal is for users of Sony Ericsson mobile phones to create unique personalized content of interest to developers and consumers .

Themes creator version 4.0 is designed to meet the personalized needs of high-level, by providing a simplified workflow for a number of different skill levels, "level editor" as well as easy to distinguish between the program into functions palette, so that the theme of the creation of mobile phones more efficient and improved.

Sony Ericsson developer and partners Christopher David Head said: "from a strategic perspective, the future depends on the Sony Ericsson out of the existing framework for the creation of hot pursuit in this new wave of mobile content. For Sony Ericsson , this means working closely with our developers to cooperate, but also "the creation of content consumers" to provide easy-to-use tools to higher level technical level. "

The theme of the latest version allows users to create mobile phone themes for their corresponding color scheme. In the use of the theme creator, the user can quickly visit the Adobe ® Kuler ™ from thousands of color themes, can instantly access the latest, most popular and highest click-through rate palette.

Adobe creative component company in charge of product management, said Thomas DeMeo: "Anyone seeking creative inspiration and color-related users can be online through the Adobe Kuler to easily create and share color themes interesting. Through the theme creator 4.0, Sony Ericsson expansion Kuler global scope of the user's creativity. "

Sony Ericsson Developer World (Sony Ericsson Developer World) is one of the main website that contains a global platform to support the project, committed to providing easy-to-find documentation, tools, technical advice and listing of support to help professional wireless developers achieve business success. Sony Ericsson Developer World helps developers took the idea from the market (including the idea of manufacturing, testing and sale of four steps) of the fast track, so as to ensure continued for Sony Ericsson mobile phone to provide fun, practical and innovative content and applications.



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